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Matt Harris, Headmaster Austin Friars continues to be the first choice school for parents considering independent day education in Cumbria and South West Scotland.

At Austin Friars we are careful not to confuse public examination assessment with Education. Whilst any school would be proud of our GCSE and A’ Level results, including those selective schools in Cumbria and beyond, we are proud to offer more than just an excellent academic education. An education system based solely on skills and academic intelligence is not enough to equip our pupils to face the challenges that tomorrow will bring. Children need to learn to interact with each other; they need to learn to listen, to adapt, to take risks, to create, to recover from failure and to overcome adversity. Everything we do at Friars, in all 3 phases of the school, (Pre-School, Junior School and Senior School), is designed to equip our pupils with the skills they need to deal with themselves, with others and with problems!

It should be reassuring to the whole school community and prospective families that we are consistently applauded for the way we focus on the child; to nurture and develop his or her unique potential. Indeed, our last inspection report recognises and compliments what we do to equip our pupils not just with knowledge but with skills for life. We are commended for preparing our young men and women for life after Friars by ensuring that they are: effective in working collaboratively in teams and equally adept at working independently; creative problem-solvers who are able to adapt and improvise and, inextricably linked to these skills, are resilient, confident, articulate and modest young people who embody the Augustinian Values enshrined in our provision.

The jewel in our crown is the cohesion of the wholly inclusive ideal of “family” that underpins all that we do. The relationships between pupils, between pupils and staff, parents and staff and amongst staff themselves are supportive, constructive and built on the firm foundations of respect and trust.

This website sets out for you a flavour of life here at the School. I hope that, if you have not previously visited, you will be tempted to come and find out more about us. I look forward to welcoming you.

Matt Harris, Headmaster

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Austin Friars is the Top School in Cumbria for Adding Value at A’ Level

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